New report: International study on gender equality in research

For the Danish Council for Research and Innovation (DFiR), Oxford Research Denmark has conducted an international study on gender equality in research that covers Finland, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria. The purpose of the study was to examine how other European countries are working to increase the number of women in research and to integrate the gender dimension in research.

The study shows that national legislation or national requirements are present in the countries where we see the biggest progress when it comes to increasing the proportion of female professors. The analysis also shows a tendency over the last few years, of initiatives moving from a "fixing the women" approach (for example initiatives targeting women such as female network, mentor programmes and economic grants for women) to a "fixing the institution" focusing on the framework conditions and the breaking down of gender bias in appointment procedures, tenure track systems and the composition of recruitment committees.


Based on the analysis, DFiR has given a debriefing on the analysis to the Danish Minister of Education and Research in the report 'An international perspective on gender and equality challenges in research'.


Both publications are available on DFiR's website:


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