Cluster Development in Egypt

Oxford Research is a key member of a project to drive the development of a renewable energy cluster in Egypt based on a 'triple helix' model of collaboration between the private sector, universities, and the public sector. The concept aligns tightly to the objectives of the objectives of the RDI-2 Programme, which includes fostering the Science and Innovation culture and environment, expanding research collaboration between the R&D and business sectors, enhancing the impact of Egyptian researchers' participation in EU funded programmes, and advancing Egypt's scientific and technological capacity through supporting Centres of Excellence.


Oxford Research is leading the components related to cluster strategy and facilitator training. The project will be implemented in close collaboration with a number of European experts in cluster development, cluster practitioners, and sector-specific actors such as SME, industry associations, and technology transfer officers. Partners include:


  • New Frontier Servi ces, Belgium

  • Innova BIC, Italy

  • Cairo University, Egypt

  • Helwan University, Egypt

  • American Univerisity of Cairo, Egypt

  • Oxford Research, Denmark

  • Industrial Modernisation Center, Egypt

  • Federation of Egyptian Industry, Egypt

  • Università degli Studi di Messina, Italy


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